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High-pressure breathing-air vertical charging sets

The BPV Series are advanced charging sets available in five models with charge rates between 7.5 cfm and 24.5cfm.

Model Charging rate* Pressure Motor
of stages
  cfm   m³/hr  l/min psi bar    
BP8V 7.5    12.7    212 5000  345 5.5 3
BP10V 9.5     16      268 6000  414 7.5 4
BP13V 12.5    21     354 6000  414 7.5 4
BP20V 19.5    33     552 6000  414 11 4
BP25V 24.5    40     693 6000  414 15 4

 *Based on refilling 6-litre BA cylinder from 0-300 bar


  • Vertical design saves space and offers easy access for maintenance
  • Square cylinders give larger cooling area to aid heat dissipation
  • Combined pressure differential/splash lubrication eliminates oil pump
  • Duplex piston design reduces wear
  • Fits through standard doorway for convenient installation


  • High-efficiency cooling fan
  • Micronic filter to extend life on final stage Drainable inter-stage moisture trap
  • Corrosion-resistant coolers
  • Air purification system
  • Guarded belt drive
  • Safety valve on all stages
  • Final pressure gauge
  • Auto unloading system (BP20V/25V only)
  • Drainable interstage moisture traps (BP20V/25V only)


Model Dimensions
L x W x H (cm)
Shipping dimensions & weights (approx)
BP20V 74 x 117 x 121 315 90 x 132 x 150 cm/460Kg
BP25V 74 x 117 x 121 335 90 x 132 x 150 cm/480Kg
8V/10V/13V (open) 72 x 85 x 107 9.0 90 x 100 x 135cm 
8V/10V/13V (enclosed) ? ? ?


BP8V              Hamworthy model V14H-AL (3 stage)
BP10V             Hamworthy model V16H-AL (4 stage)
BP13V            Hamworthy model V22H-AL (4 stage)
BP20V/25V      Hamworthy V34H-AL

Compressors are air-cooled balanced vee design with powerful multi-blade cooling fans.  Fitted with inter-stage coolers incorporating drainable moisture traps, integrated aftercooler and pressure relief valve at each stage of compression.  Lubrication is by controlled splash and the crankcase is totally enclosed, so no oil vapour is vented to the atmosphere.  On the BP20V and BP25V a diagnostic pressure gauge is connected to each compression stage.


8V, 10V, 13V:  Hamworthy PAS 9 single-chamber system fitted with disposable cartridges filled with a combination of molecular sieve and activated carbon.  Filter base is fitted with safety valve, pressure-maintaining valve and moisture drain valve.  Cartridge process capacity under average temperature/humidity conditions is approx 28,800 cu ft (816 m³).  Air purity generally exceeds all recognised international standards.  A colour indicator shows when media is saturated or cartridge needs replacement (this can be done in a few minutes without special tools or any disturbance to high-pressure fittings).

20V, 25V: As above but Hamworthy PAS 5+9+9 3-chamber system.  The final chamber also includes a catalyst to convert carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide.  Filter process capacity under average temperature/humidity conditions is approx 56,000 cu ft (1586 m³). 

Charging facilities

These compressors are normally fitted with two filling hoses (8V, 10V, 13V) or three hoses (20V, 25V) for direct bottle filling.  Each hose incorporates a control valve, pressure bleed and connector to customer’s specification. 

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