Central Compressor Consultants are specialists in high pressure air and gas compressors.
Applications for our gas and air compressors include gas compressors for the recovery of rare gases, as in helium or gas compressors for CO2 in a brewery system. High pressure air compressors are also used in the seismic industry where high pressure seismic compressors supply air for seismic survey, both land and sea.
A significant part of the business is in the supply of breathing air compressors: CCC manufacture breathing air compressors for both fire fighting and scuba applications. Breathing air compressors supplied by CCC are now available through the “firebuy” organisation.
A new addition to the our business is the supply of rotary screw compressors, which covers many low pressure applications, screw compressors are used within industry form tasks involving paint spraying, through to large industrial systems.
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Approved by FIREBUY

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The national fire & rescue service procurement scheme

Framework NPFB/CO/008
For the supply of breathing air compressor systems and after-sales support

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